Saskatchewan & Area Cemetery Stone Data

We have thousands of cemetery records collected across the prairies, etc. thanks to the generous support of individuals, church and community groups.

Use the search engine below to identify individuals listed in our database by surname. Note that the amount and type of information available on headstones varies widely and may include:

  • date and place of birth;
  • date and place of death;
  • internment location;
  • spouses' name;
  • children's names;
  • occupation, affiliations, etc.

Enter a surname or initial characters of the surname.
Do not include punctuation except as described below.

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  To match variations in names, use the following special search expressions:

(this|that) specifies alternative spelling
e.g. S(i|y)mes matches Simes, Symes...
A(l|ll)(a|e)n matches Alan, Alen, Allan, Allen...

? matches zero or one occurrence of the previous letter
* matches one or more occurences of the previous letter
neal*e? matches Neal, Neall, Neale, Nealle ...

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Special thanks to the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, the Weyburn, Lang, and Torquay Credit Unions, and Carl Buehler for their financial and technical assistance in assembling this data.